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Be more…


What If … there were None?  Become Who You Already ™ Logo Copyright 2014 By                           Daphne D. Williams of


Be More than enough when nobody is looking. Be more than enough to love on you before you pour all your energy into others.

Be Grateful for all the small victories. Be well informed to make the next move even when you have been prohibited. Be a believer in you enough to be your very own cheerleader, hence never looking outside of yourself to become. Be thankful enough to be humble.

Be more than enough to display class when everybody is showing off their assets. Be more than enough to be the first to forgive when it feels uncomfortable.

Be the apple of your own eye. Be the wish on the star that you are. Be in love with you, your vision, your dreams, your passions, but be kindred enough to be interested in others dreams and accomplishments too.

Be the hands that adjust your own frown while preparing to win in the game of life sculpting your purposeful crown for your kingdom is at hand. Be the hand that designs the cradle. Be enough that you create solutions and not a bunch of excuses. Be selfless enough to sow good seeds from the heart as you look for nothing in return for then your reward cometh. Be courageous enough to leverage you, your life, your now moments, your network, your strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Be gifted enough to get out of your own way. Be passionate enough to master your craft. Be more than enough to walk the walk as much as you talk it.

Be more than enough to be tough in the rough seasons of life thereby telling yourself that you are good enough to begin again. Be smart enough to know that every restart isn’t a failure, but simply that — a restart. Be forgiving enough to forgive you and others never holding onto grudges for that eat at the core of the real you. Be transparent enough to NEVER wear another mask. Be luminous enough to let you little light shine bright in the midst of the darkest hour. Be observant enough to learn the lessons, so you not resembling the before oppose to celebrating the after, hence avoid repeating the tests.

Be bold to live your life on purpose. Be confident enough to go it alone if you must. Be enough to bootstrap your business or apply for that position you have always dreamed of notwithstanding be wise enough to be ready for what it entails. Be loving enough to give yourself some quiet space to ignite the more within.

Be honest to say you messed up. Be beautiful enough to know when you are ugly (your ways), and need to detoxify your toxic ways. Be thoughtful enough to be thoughtful because it was never all about you, but the entire group, family, and relationship. Be more than enough to know when to go. Be deliberate enough to mean NO when it is said, and YES when you’re at your best. Be devoted enough to STOP putting everybody before you. Be dedicated enough to build, and brand you first before offering it as advice or service that nobody seems to respect or acknowledge — third party validation will set you apart, so keep working on you — it will come, trust me, I know. 😉

Be organized enough to complete what you have started, thus take massive action, implement, launch, and leverage the #BrandOfYou. Be enough where you NEVER have to plead and beg others for friendships, relationships, and/or business REMEMBER the right ones will come, stay and refer others in all areas mentioned above. Be more than enough to know when “IT” is over, thus STOP allowing it to linger on causing you more agony thereby stealing your time. Be more than enough to know that you are worth more than the words they used against you or those that you spoke to the man in the mirror.

Be strategic enough not to be impulsive. Be more than enough to be compassionate to those who have less than you. Be creative enough to not get stuck on the dot. Be delivered enough not to judge others, especially those who have more than you physically, but fail to see the bigger picture of being grateful for it all — REMEMBER it is NOT wise to put your mouth again the wealthy, especially if you desire to get there. Be loving enough to forgive you first and others too. Be committed enough to know when enough is enough. Be powerful enough to know when to have a seat and enjoy your own company.

Today, gently, I lovingly push you mylove to go, be more than enough for this stretch of your journey, and know you are more than worth the nudge. REMEMBER: Be humble enough to admit when you’ve jumped the gun or bit off more than you could chew or digest. Be wise enough to know when the bone carrying isn’t a trusted source, and you need to STOP offering your ear as a garbage disposal.

Be resourceful enough to make “IT” happen. Be prayerful enough to know when you need a long winded or a one word Prayer. Be anointed enough to know the difference between the presence of divine order and foolish draining chaos. Be brilliant enough to use what you’ve been given to get where you say it is you belong.

Be silent enough to know when to speak. Be happy enough to smile through the agony. Be you enough to give yourself permission to #BecomeWhoYouAlreadyAre.

You, YEAH YOU —> Go Be More Than Enough!

How are you being enough to you?

Leave your comments below, share and repost this on your Social Media Platforms. Email it too.

In advance, thank you for reading, commenting, sharing and taking the time to figure out

How to Become Who You Already Are by being more than enough if for nobody else but you (the most important person reading this).



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How to Become You When Nothing is Left

How to Become You When Nothing is Left…

Or at least it seems … right? (Why do New Yorkers say right after a sentence maybe it is because we are so persuasive?)

What do I mean become you when nothing is left?

Daphne D Williams

Becoming when it seems as if Nothing is left. Using more wisdom this stretch of the journey until I get there. Copyright 2009-2014 Daphne D. Williams of

Often at the close of the day or the dew drop of morning life can seem to be overwhelming, difficult, a lot and too much too handle all wrapped in agony of defeat, Doctors reports all while not having the love you think would make you happy.


The Disclaimer is a Life Lesson that I learned, which took some time, but I learned it nonetheless. Boy oh boy do I LOVE me some me now without a doubt.

Loving yourself can sadly make others a little uncomfortable since you no longer put others before you.

Well to bad for them because if loving me is wrong, I will NEVER be right. Hahahaha some lyrics my Mom use to sing with a Daphne D. Williams twist.

You call it selfish, I call it self-perseverance. Tomatoes vs. Tomato. Who cares as long as you learn to bring spiritual food to the table of your life adding the right ingredients and not allowing others the opportunity to serve you poison, guilt, pain, stress, and or mess.

Everyday someone is dying of something right, and some place new life begins both naturally and spiritually. A lot of us cause more pain to our very existence due to stress, and sadly I have witnessed this on a personal level along with family members.

It can be proven that stress can kill more people than an actual terminal illness which many people are dealing with and simply because of their mindset can thrive with an illness and erase its symptoms, but more about this later.

When speaking to people they are often begin the conversation with complaining when you ask them how are you feeling today. Usually folks will run down a list of all their ailments and never once say one encouraging word nor speak of the blessings they have received. In the presence of doubters, complainers, and negative humans can have a negative effect on the atmosphere, and your mode along with your disposition.

My thoughts on negative or toxic people, places, family members, frienemies, and things -> STAY AWAY from them. Negative energy produces more negative energy and living within this world there is already enough foolishness on the News, and happening around us, but we DO NOT have to partake in it EVER!

The language you decide to use has the potential to elevate you from illness to wellness or from happiness to misery; depending on your view on the world and what you bring to it. The bottom line is STOP WORRYING, especially if you are going to PRAY. {Note to Self}

Usually poverty minded people worrying about something they can’t control (Traffic, Time, Their Bosses Attitude, Other People’s Behavior) or other things that they have allowed to get out of hand, thus making mountains out of molehills (My Grandmother use to say this all the time, and now I finally get it). It’s best to refocus how you deal with things, places and situations despite the circumstances, thus always believing even when you feel like it is NOTHING left; knowing that indeed as long as you wake up there is ALWAYS something else left to do, give, and live for as you seek to become.

We need to use our hands for more than for shooing people away (It is a shame that in this information age people refuse to answer the telephone, never return text, and ONLY call or reach out to you when they have a need or desire to “pick your brain”. All those type of users get from me is the side eye and voicemail because if I have personally allowed you in my life and you abused your time then lets simply agree that has ended –> only problem is I obtained the memo late. Most shoo you away because you don’t share their ideologies, or aura, but once you know your own value and worth, you know that these people were never folk you should have casted your pearls upon. Now it is time for us the ones who desire more of life and not simply for ourselves, but genuinely from others, we need to commit to raising our hands to SURRENDER you, your thoughts and your gifts back to your Creator to be used according to His good works.

No longer crying over the mess, but sharing the message to the masses was the point of all the pain, and now your gifts are ready to make room for you, so be free. Using your hands wisely in surrender mode to a Higher Power is essential. Brushing your shoulders of while releasing the stress from your temple, walk, and business, especially if you have given up before getting started. Prayerfully out of fear, doubt, you are not the type to constantly talk yourself out of something (or allow others to do the same) that you know you desire, and will not be content until you meet that goal.

The temple must be honored, respected and treasured from what goes in and what comes out both literally and figuratively. {ANOTHER NOTE TO SELF} We are the gems we seek in others. Stop thinking it (whatever you IT is) will appear!

We have the power to lift ourselves out of dry places by reframing our thoughts, thus changing our mindsets by daily renewing our minds while adjusting the words we chose to speak in, around and over our lives, circumstances & future.

If you are young don’t worry! If you are old don’t worry! If you are fat don’t worry, but actively do something to change that if you desire to be healthier. If you are skinny and are worried about not being thick enough, be you, love you and do whats right for you not what others think, do nor say. If you are always feeling empty PLEASE DO NOT panic and stop worrying! Again why worry when you can pray. Yeah that statement is easier to write than to actually partake in, but you MUST start someplace, so why not right here and right now?

There was a time that I remember very well when things didn’t go my way, I would shut down No Prayer Life, No Words, & often I would abandon me while putting everybody else first. Well now I have made a conscious decision to OPEN MY BIG MOUTH & PRAY despite how painful it may be to do while in the midst of the many storms of life. In addition while working on surrendering my wants and needs for what I was purposed to do, I have decided to KIDNAP MYSELF until I get what I showed up on this big ball of dirt to do, accomplish and become. There will be NO RANSOM letter that anyone can read, but me, so I am in control on how this kidnapping turns out as I will be negotiating with the greatest part of me to come forward and rescue me from whatever ails, limits, prevents and attempts to subdue me because like you, I am worth being amazingly great in all the creative talents.


QUESTION: (Answer below)


Some of us say we can’t pray while others never pray or simply rely on others to pray for them, but are NEVER available when those same people need them. Go Figure. For me it is a personal thing, I MUST pray for me, but honestly I didn’t always believe this. Well you may not be able to pray like me-I am no super prayer (whatever that means) or anything, but often I am asked to pray (I use to hate it, but now I am okay with it)-, your Pastor or the Televangelist. Prayer myloves is simply a conversation with your Higher Power, and for me that is God, so yeah, I pray to God, and I seek answers, results thereby consistently I am taking action at being a better me to get where I say I desire to be. What are you doing to get the things you desire from life & living?

By far, my life hasn’t been no  (double negative on purpose) crystal stair. You may be like me, and have survived or rather endured your childhood and often seem to merely exist as an adult, but we both must believe and know that there is indeed better just for us. If you believe any of the above well then hats off to us both. Again it hasn’t been a crystal stair (double negative deleted on purpose) to say the least or the most depending on your perspective on it all, but my beginning will never determine my middle nor ending as I am expecting VICTORY as even when I lose to others I believe I have WON because the way my Faith is set up. 😉

Thanks for reading myloves, being in this space with me, so know that I value you and your gifts you bring.

Be certain to leave a comment below, share with your Family, Friends, Co-workers, on Social Media and email a couple of people too. Leave your response, questions and/or your story of how you overcame or are overcoming to find exactly who you are as you commit to become.

The Write Well Way

DwriteWELL, Daphne D Williams

Daphne D Williams is that Blogger Writing to Brand your Market  The DwriteWELL (C) Logo

Discover how to Write to get Quality Clients, Build your Business and Market your gifts.

Allow Coach, & Consultant, Daphne D. Williams to assist you with #Becoming. For many years, I have helped people position their brands and build solid businesses both on and offline.

As you may or may not know in Business relationships all things begin with words, well written ones at that. Writing is simply one of my passions and gift to the world, so with that said, I special is results via well written words, presentation through either Coaching or Consulting.

As a Storyteller simply put, I write to increase Brand Equity and boost sales as a Copywriter, Brand Manager, Product Developer, and Public Relations Strategist.

If it is well written words you seek from Daphne D. Williams Creator, and Publisher of, which is named affectionately, The Creative Womb of An InfoPreneur by my Online Mentor, which is being REBRANDED to show you how to Write Well with D.A.P.P ™Determination, Action & Purposeful Passion!

DwriteWELL is looking to relaunch (it is going on 5 years old) March 2, 2014, so be certain to go there then, but in the meantime state your Writing needs, I am listening.

You can find my background and some of my previously published clips as a Former Reporter, Journalist, Religion Editor, Contributing Writer, Freelance Writer, Hip Hop Writer and Community Newspaper Associate Editor for offline publications when as a resident of New York City (my Hometown).

The Write Way to start a blog, business or brand is from the beginning with your passions, and knowledge on a given subject — actually that statement can be applied within any field of study whether in Writing, Blogging, Business, Event Planning, Life, Relationships, Self Education (Online -one of my favorites), and/or Traditional Education, and in all the above mentioned categories each one requires words to drive traffic, build brands or mend relationships.

It goes without saying at this point in this post that words are my thing and I am here to help you say it better by building a buzz around your Business, Blog, Products with Writing Well Strategies, so you can get all you want out of life and your Internet Marketing experiences, especially as you are here taking part on The Become Who You Already Are Movement of simply #Becoming.

Often Writers claim to have Writer’s Block, and I can honestly say I have NEVER experienced it. The world is too grand, and all that there is to learn therein is too interesting to feel or get stuck — at least that is my opinion.

If you know that you desire to Write better, Blog Brand, Build your business, and/or simply change your life with words then that is something I have a passion for, hence there is more to come in the areas of Coaching, Consulting, Writing Well while Building a Better Brand.

In advance, thank you for being here in this moment as this website has been a vision of mine for some time now, which started out as The Motivated Beauty TeenPreneur Slogan, which is a Non-Profit Youth Program that I Founded, and Mentor thus teaching Teengirls to become Entrepreneurs, so they to can #BecomeWhoTheyAlreadyAre, which in itself is priceless.

Super excited that www.BecomeWhoYouAlreadyAre is finally my reality, so allow me to help you stop sitting on the sidelines watching others live their dreams and you strategically begin building and living yours.

At this time, I welcome you here and encourage you to share, ask questions and let’s grow our brands together even if that means from all over the world individually simply allow me to Coach and/or Consult you in getting the results you seek.

Needless to say, I am happy to have you here as I am happy to be here showing you different ways to simply #BecomeWhoYouAlreadyAre on purpose filled with passion.

Within the next few posts on the topic of Writing Well, The DwriteWELL Way, I plan to share places to get paid to write well and sell your words for more than the average penny some of these websites want to pimp (for a lack of better words) your gifts of writing well for.

What I will teach here in this section is how to create a passive income Writing on any topic. Once the DwriteWELL Branded Blog is completed on its exclusive make-over Writing Project, I will exclusively share here until the Membership Portion of, and is load with content just for you, and you too.

#TheBecomeMovement & TheDWriteWellWay gives you permission to #AskDwriteWELL

It’s time you Become Who You Already Are ™

Would you agree that it’s time to make your VOICE heard, so Become An Author, and/or a Highly Sought after Speaker too because your Well Written, Formatted and Edited Book gives you a Platform to leverage, build, capitalize on your transferable skill sets, thus establishing your brand while strategically expanding it, hence making your NAME GREAT as your GIFTS make room for you, but I guess I simply ONLY wanted to know when do you think you will be READY to INVEST in the #BrandofYou?

The BECOME MOVEMENT is about designing your future by avoiding toxicity, staying far out of your own way, thus committing to remain focused; ensuring to hit every target with a keen Mindset Shift, Personal Development, Faith, Business Leadership, Branding, Self Discovery, and a Strategic Plan of Action. Let’s create a legacy as we commit to excellence while positioning you to #BecomeWhoYouAlreadyAre, I am ONLY seeking those who are ready NO TIRE KICKERS ALLOWED.




Thank you Managing Editor & Publisher of this Blog,

Daphne D. Williams aka DwriteWELL 


“I absolutely love it!

You are so talented and definitely anointed to write!

I was moved by your words. It is above my expectations, and my expectations were already high!

How can we ever thank you! Thanks for being a blessing in our lives.” Natalie Wood, Grace Music Group (I wrote their Bio’s)


“DwriteWELL is The BLOGGING BEAST!” Val Carey, Author of TOTM! Time of The Month (PR work)

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