Become Who You Already Are By Pressing The Reset Button

Often you MUST give yourself permission to PRESS THE RESET BUTTON.


BECOME WHO YOU ALREADY ARE  Copyright by Daphne DwriteWELL Williams

BECOME WHO YOU ALREADY ARE Copyright by Daphne DwriteWELL Williams

Get tired of being tired, and decree & declare who you are and what you want — then go after it.

Steps to Become Who You Already Are on purpose:

  • Change your mindset
  • Shift your thoughts
  • Decide who will get your time
  • Monitor what you watch
    • listen to
    • and who speaks over your future
    • learn to block the negative
  • Decree It
  • Declare It
  • Claim It
  • Affirm It
  • Live It




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Go lay your eggs and live … Give Birth

ROBINS EGGS: The Internet says they lay Blue Eggs 4 at a time. #SpringFacts #Life #Legacy #GivingBirth


Look what my Momma (Nellie Williams) found on her porch early this morning in South Carolina. I noticed the nest last week when I was reading outside enjoying spring despite the pollen.


Nellie Williams Photo Copyright

Go Lay Your Eggs & Live Nellie Williams Photo Copyright 2014

Happy the Robins trusted us to make our house their home —> No food coloring here¬†#GodsDye is the most beautiful¬†… and NO these aren’t¬†#EasterEggs, but a sign of life, new beginnings and restoration —> well at least for me …

We MUST learn to honor while respecting the process of life, and creation even if the process is slow.


Do NOT Despise small beginnings when giving birth to your ideas and talents, but rather let your light so shine they others will see your good works.

#DwriteWELL aka Daphne D. Williams always takes the time to smell the roses, appreciate the plants, and observes the seasons of life changing on a daily basis in, around and through her; hence you should do the same thing as you prepare to lay your eggs.

Gather your nest eggs by preparing for this season in your life. Don’t hold grudges against yourself because the last time you attempted to launch and leverage it all it seem to not take off –> know it‚Äôs okay and keep working at laying your eggs, which are your:

  • Gifts
  • Talents
  • Dreams
  • Concepts

What a beautiful nest the Robin made (so neat), and this wasn’t built over night, but rather took:¬†

  • Time
  • Patience
  • Diligence
  • Isolation
  • Commitment

Ironically these are some of the same attributions that we need in life to #BecomeWhoWeAlreadyAre, but often we get so distracted on the work involved that the seasons of lives pass us by and we never actually:


  • Build our nest (Write that Book, Design our Future or live our best life on our terms)
  • Live our best —> Or
  • Pass life’s many test (we miss the lessons by blocking our blessings) since we allow the mess & Stress to block ¬†our message


  1. What are your excuses? 
  2. When do you plan to build your dreams
  3. Why do you start & NEVER finish giving birth to your gifts?

Often you MUST ignore everything around you to live like the Robin, and simply become.



#BuildTheLifeYouDesire … Unlike a lot of us humans, the Robin has a lot of patience, hence it took a minute to make that nest, but yet a lot of us want things overnight. Sadly we live in a #MicrowaveGeneration unwilling to wait, and but in the time it takes to be great.

My Mom wanted another close up when the Momma Robin was covering her off springs to keep them cool. Immediately, I said if the Robin goes Brooklyn (goes off) on you just call for help, I might come to your rescue LMBO —> Like Momma, daughter would protect her, but the bottom-line DO NOT come for the Robin nor her babies unless you want it, hence we need to be as relentless about our babies (Dreams, Gifts, Talents & Ideas), and lay our eggs in good ground, and ALWAYS water them so they grow, mature and become.

MESSAGE (One of many):

Leave them Robins alone Ma —> Let them live. REPEAT this to yourself about your dreams –> Leave everything alone that isn’t going to HELP me GIVE BIRTH TO MY EGGS (Ideas), and master my craft then launch it all.

Shes says I know right —> my Momma closes the blinds, and I think of how amazing life is. Needless to say she didn’t get her close up with the Momma Robin.

Oh and I thought this was some Easter Eggs too when Momma 1st showed me them on her cell phone. They’re beautiful.

#LifeIsLife –> and it is happening all around us, the Robins are living, but are you ¬†… ready to #BecomeWhoYouAlreadyAre? #ijs ¬†… #DaphneDWilliams is…

I’m about to see what they’re up to now —> from a far, I am NOT messing with a Momma & her seedlings/gifts and/or creations since I take it all very serious, and you should too.

REMEMBER: Our Gifts Make Room For us when we #StayOutOfOurWay and build the life we desire to have


  1. Go lay your eggs and live y’all …
  3. And if you need help simply #AskDwriteWELL or call me (Daphne D. Williams, Your Resident Business Branding Coach & Consultant at 646.397.7593)
  4. Let’s Chat for 25 minutes¬†for FREE & lets see how we can position you to lay your eggs and give birth to your thoughts, gifts, talents, ideas and dreams in 2014.


Not Always Easy, But Worth the Wait

Not Always Easy, But Worth the Wait … Life happens and legacies are created in the midst of the firm and storms. Don’t allow your abundant light to diminish, but instead cut your wick to get a better glow as you take this time to seriously sow into your internal growth.

As a woman, I found that cutting a little bit of my hair biweekly and taking the right vitamins makes my hair grow, hence MESSAGE: giving up a little here in there to trim yourself of things, places, and people will help reshape you and have you grow to Become Who You Already Are with the right intake of thought, actions and deeds.

In life we leave things undone and like hair follicles we are split in between thoughts and decisions, but when it’s broken you must fix it by finding ways to re-grow it (what works for one may not work for another) by pouring more time and patience  while watching it grow.

Again it isn’t always easy, but worth the wait to replenish you with positive feedback (motivational self talk), positive reinforcement, good books, and better company that ignites the greatness buried within you, but REMEMBER —>

You can NOT fully BECOME you if you are still:

  • Empty
  • Broken
  • Out of Oil¬†(my oil is The Holy Bible, Prayer Life, & Positive Books)
  • Refuse to use Wisdom
  • Your wick is too short to light
  • Unwilling to pour back into self
  • Burning both ends of the candle
  • Never seek or listen to wise counsel
  • You still have a short fuss and are close minded

Restoring the emptiness within by cutting the wick of your life certainly you will see a change in your walk, illumination within along with the relationship with others.

Listening while using wisdom and being mindful of the time you commit to self as well as others is essential on your road to Becoming Who You Already Are, but mylove, you must ALWAYS know that not using wisdom (refusing to get adequate rest), or pour positive words back into your now and future moments can stop your growth altogether, so be mindful of that and realign what is needed.

It is NOT always easy to get what you want, but it will ALWAYS be worth the time invested along with all the oil you burned during the wait.¬†In the waiting room of life things happen along the way. You can plan, prepare and align and all that is well, but if you aren’t tough enough to deal with all the balls life will assign for you to juggle it will be rather difficult to balance it all.

If you’ve ever been in the waiting room of a New York Hospital (or a big crowded City), you know you are positioned to simply wait, and sometimes with NO warning of how long, or the next hoop you should jump through to get to the head of the line. Needless to say like me, you will need a lot of patience-and that isn’t always easy-, tenacity and stamina to wait, and simply stand in the midst of the agony as you may (like I have in the past) feel defeated.

During the wait, I imagine life is watching your reaction to all the things occurring in and around you to jot down if you are ready for the very thing you await, and often it will hold you back from getting it all so you don’t prematurely develop; only to lose it all again and start from scratch. ¬†Here is a little secret for us all, the thing that we wait years on desires to break free in and around us too, especially in the atmosphere and in our lives, but sadly we are stiff necked & in the way. There is an amazing blessing that you have sown while waiting (you know if you have planted good seeds) as you groaned in the labor pangs of life, living and leveraging the lessons along the way, so know the Universe plans to restore it all unto you, so stay ready.

Be careful while in waiting. Do not sit idle in fact it is best to become adjusted to the process of having less during the fight of your life and all the mess because you MUST believe that behold within the mess therein is your message to help you and others stay focused on the abundant¬†harvest that is s close. Keep your strength to deliver your blessing thereby stay ready by crossing all your T’s and dotted all your I’s. Your baby (babies are) is coming, so DO NOT forget to deliver them all because there are many that need what you have within you. As you gift makes room for you it is¬†BEST TO STAY OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.

The question at this critical stage is do you have any more energy in you to push pass the challenges , obstacles, and those things purposely positioned to rip the baby (message) out of you —> breaching it before you can reach while teaching with it.

When you are in the cleft of the rock, and it all is about to be revealed (destiny), many darts will fly and things will come, occur, leave, move, so adjusting your sails for the ride of your life will be the best thing to do, so as you are closer than ever REMEMBER Diamonds are made in pressure, so as life turns the heat up be certain to keep you wick trimmed, read, influence yourself, adjust your sails because you are in the ride of your life —> where purpose, destiny and fulfillment are all aligned because you knew it wasn’t always going to be easy, but so worth it because through the tears, fears and years you stood and passed the test.

REMEMBER Do NOT give up in lives waiting room even if it‚Äôs been years –> Keep waiting, trusting and believing —> (I am a stern believer that there SHALL BE VICTORY IN THE WAIT) since I do NOT have all I want in this life, but my FAITH tells me that I can have it all, hence happiness, excellent health, residual wealth, a thriving business, great friendships, amazing and loving relationship & then some.


If you find that you need help in life, business or otherwise simply call for a FREE 25 minute Consultation (646.397.7593). One of my passions is to help you get yourself focused and back on target to #BecomeWhoYouAlreadyAre

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Bounce Back Baby (Part 1)

Bounce Back Baby

Like children in all their innocence, we adults MUST learn to STOP rolling with the punches (or settling for any and everything) because it is time that we Bounce back and become who we already are.

Bouncing back¬†isn’t always easy and often not even a thought when life shows up and out numbers you. ¬†On an unfurnished court where benches are filled with broken dreams or at least it seems, you didn’t make the last couple of shots, so you’re thinking of throwing in the towel because you have no get up and go.¬†Lost in space your head hasn’t been in the game; simply dribbling to remain sane since you feel there is no chance for fame. Feeling pity, sorrowful and ashamed —> let’s face it, your D just isn’t the same.


Despite it all keep a positive outlook on your now and future moments as you build it to get there —> wherever your there is. You see in the game of life, you make not have a tag team, but you¬†MUST¬†keep focused on that unreachable dream no matter how difficult it may seem. Who cares if you missed a few shots at least you tried –> now it‚Äôs time to rewind and give it another try. You only fail when you fail to plan or aim, shoot and achieve it.

Sitting on the seat of hope; wasting precious time of what should have or could have been is a waste of time it’s more productive to think of the possibility of right now since that is truly all we have. No more procrastination, you haven’t suited up in some time now, so I’m going to need you to keep your head in the game, so now I advise you to speak life into you and for goodness sake you¬†MUST¬†remember your name, and what you have been called to do, create and design.

Things aren’t the same, hence it all has changed, but everybody failed to give you the memo because you counted yourself out first. Get over it, shout and stop holding grudges against you, hence forgive them & you too. Know you‚Äôre like a fish out of water simply stuck swimming where there is no shore. #FindingNemo¬†You’re lost and need to be found, but it requires for you to stand on solid ground; ensuring your¬†NO¬†is a¬†NO¬†and your¬†YES¬†is a definitive¬†YES. You do know you’re¬†NOT¬†a door mat — right?(In my best New York City voice, so I’ll use my very own since I’m fully grown).

Bounce Back Baby, Big Stock,

“We All Need to LEARN to Bounce Back Baby” Daphne D. Williams ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Copyright

Give and expect your best — excellence is the way to win any test. ¬†Yes they would search for you, but if you never find you nobody will know that you exist or better yet where to search.

The MESSAGE (well one of them is) here simply is to MASTER being loyal to you thereby securing the oxygen mask on self, thus remembering the pain differently as you commit NOT to give into the mind chatter that is built to tear you down, break you apart, hence its purpose is design to set you up to live life stuck in the gates either on pause or never to actually get a fair start.

Don’t get me wrong there is always something to prevent you at the beginning, middle and end, but know the difference will determine the way in which you win, so learn to lean, flex and bend your faith in you.

The chopping block does exist, so don’t volunteer for that stance, but do take one simply by offering you yet another chance¬†FINALLY¬†forgive you and¬†BOUNCE BACK BABY.


If know you need a push to IGNITE  YOU TO REV UP YOUR ENGINE in life, living, branding your business or leveraging your gifts simply call me to arrange a FREE 25 minute Consultation (646.397.7593). 

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