Bounce Back Baby (Part 1)

Bounce Back Baby

Like children in all their innocence, we adults MUST learn to STOP rolling with the punches (or settling for any and everything) because it is time that we Bounce back and become who we already are.

Bouncing back isn’t always easy and often not even a thought when life shows up and out numbers you.  On an unfurnished court where benches are filled with broken dreams or at least it seems, you didn’t make the last couple of shots, so you’re thinking of throwing in the towel because you have no get up and go. Lost in space your head hasn’t been in the game; simply dribbling to remain sane since you feel there is no chance for fame. Feeling pity, sorrowful and ashamed —> let’s face it, your D just isn’t the same.


Despite it all keep a positive outlook on your now and future moments as you build it to get there —> wherever your there is. You see in the game of life, you make not have a tag team, but you MUST keep focused on that unreachable dream no matter how difficult it may seem. Who cares if you missed a few shots at least you tried –> now it’s time to rewind and give it another try. You only fail when you fail to plan or aim, shoot and achieve it.

Sitting on the seat of hope; wasting precious time of what should have or could have been is a waste of time it’s more productive to think of the possibility of right now since that is truly all we have. No more procrastination, you haven’t suited up in some time now, so I’m going to need you to keep your head in the game, so now I advise you to speak life into you and for goodness sake you MUST remember your name, and what you have been called to do, create and design.

Things aren’t the same, hence it all has changed, but everybody failed to give you the memo because you counted yourself out first. Get over it, shout and stop holding grudges against you, hence forgive them & you too. Know you’re like a fish out of water simply stuck swimming where there is no shore. #FindingNemo You’re lost and need to be found, but it requires for you to stand on solid ground; ensuring your NO is a NO and your YES is a definitive YES. You do know you’re NOT a door mat — right?(In my best New York City voice, so I’ll use my very own since I’m fully grown).

Bounce Back Baby, Big Stock,

“We All Need to LEARN to Bounce Back Baby” Daphne D. Williams                         Copyright

Give and expect your best — excellence is the way to win any test.  Yes they would search for you, but if you never find you nobody will know that you exist or better yet where to search.

The MESSAGE (well one of them is) here simply is to MASTER being loyal to you thereby securing the oxygen mask on self, thus remembering the pain differently as you commit NOT to give into the mind chatter that is built to tear you down, break you apart, hence its purpose is design to set you up to live life stuck in the gates either on pause or never to actually get a fair start.

Don’t get me wrong there is always something to prevent you at the beginning, middle and end, but know the difference will determine the way in which you win, so learn to lean, flex and bend your faith in you.

The chopping block does exist, so don’t volunteer for that stance, but do take one simply by offering you yet another chance FINALLY forgive you and BOUNCE BACK BABY.


If know you need a push to IGNITE  YOU TO REV UP YOUR ENGINE in life, living, branding your business or leveraging your gifts simply call me to arrange a FREE 25 minute Consultation (646.397.7593). 

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