The Process to Become Who You Already Are

Do you often feel as if you are in the fight of your life?

Well if so take a number, I imagine most creative beings feel this way often. My life by far has been no crystal stair nor has it been a series of disappointments either, but rather someplace in between here and there. DISCLAIMER: If you are a parent, you will ALWAYS want to PUT your children first to help them leverage life, but be certain that you teach them about self love, and putting themselves 1st before those they love, so they can live without leaking. This will NOT be the post that speaks of all that ails-no more pity parties ONLY Victory parties-me, I will save that for my therapist (I don’t have one anymore, but I thought that would read nicely), I actually fired my therapist sometime ago.

Bottom-line is that we all need someone to talk to or rather someone to listen to us rant, hence the reason I have you and you got me babe. On a serious note though, honestly most of your family, and/or friends could care less what hurts you (or else they would cease from participating in the dart throwing, gossip, agony and lies), so don’t be upset with that fact, but rather know that your gifts will make room for you, hence avoid TOXIC people, places, and things at all cost-even if it is family. The moment that you STOP trying to involve everybody in all your business & life affairs-sadly thinking they truly care since you have cared for them during their developmental years begin to get over them and it too, so you can focus on YOU-. You will NOT have to holler, scream nor overwhelm folks with your dreams, agenda, purpose, plans, talents, and/or gifts nor ideas because others of significance will boast and brag for you as your third party validation as your GIFTS make room for you. NOTE TO SELF —> Things to REMEMBER—> Live by this and the following too.

Become Who You Already Are with Daphne D Williams

Become Who You Already Are with Daphne D Williams

What I know for sure, my reasoning isn’t yours and vice verse, & all in all it’s okay, I’m okay with agreeing to disagree. We all have our path, journey, and process, but we also chose who we allow in our space or timeline so to speak, so monitor what comes and goes in, through and around you. Personally until most recently, I looked at the process of becoming as a struggle, fight, a battle and a trek in which I felt was out of my control or rather so out of hand it was extremely baffling to say the least, and carrying so much was basically wearing me out & down, so I RELEASED IT ALL, and YOU SHOULD TOO —> whatever your IT is.

No longer will I look to anyone first before seeking the wisdom from the nuggets I’ve managed to glean throughout the years along the way from those brighter than me, and those who have taught me valuable lessons. You will hear from your Mentors, Coaches, Motivational Speakers, and Professionals that if you’re the smartest person in your circle; clearly you need another circle of friends, business partners, associates and networking groups. Sadly my circle is a line — not many therein, but I have managed through the lonely nights, alone times and now I crave it more than anything else since that’s where I produce my best work in a quiet dark room with me. Don’t get it twisted there are many times where I can be a social butterfly and then there are others when I prefer to be left alone to write, meditate and be absolutely still to center myself, which has been the best self discovery I know to quite honest with you.

Many who knew you when all you did was give all your time to them will NOT like you, and will point out to you the time you didn’t spend with them or those they thought you should, but forgive them and don’t allow any guilt to sink in, but rather rinse and repeat by continuing to spend more time with you. REMEMBER: A lot of people have one agenda, and it is called “The Me Agenda. These types of people (come in all shapes and sizes) are time wasters, tire kickers, invaders & dream snatchers, and seek to take, but never give. If you are a giver, you often get sucked in by them and their pie in the sky wish list of dreams that often involves using you, and wasting your talents, and ONLY to turn into your nightmare. There is nothing wrong with putting you first (I have learned this one the hard way – by living life), but it will serve you well eventually, so the point is to care for you first and then everybody else, but don’t be selfish along the way if that makes any sort of sense, especially with you.

Personally, I believe we are all here to help each other in some small way, but sadly a lot of folks lost their memo, and are ONLY her to be takers, fakers, and bakers (cooking up a plan for your time simply to use you and NEVER pour back into you). If like me, you feel you give, give and give more & never see your giving returning unto you simply put —KEEP GIVING, but be certain that you have enough overflow first, hence don’t change you ONLY the company you keep as well as who you give to. You are on your own radar in that giving climate because therein you will find your greatest self realized when in fact you have abundance in the overflow room awaiting just for you.

The” Me Agenda” isn’t about being a taker, but ensuring that you have all of what life has to offer you first before attempting to give or be at others disposals when they NEVER plan to give anything back to you, thus leaving you more dry and barren than when they first met you.

The “Me Agenda” is selfish, and no way am I telling you to be all about you i.e., “Me”, but I am telling you to learn to focus on what your needs are (it shouldn’t be called selfish when caring for you, but if you are giver, you, like me may feel guilty caring for you).  Before pouring out to give of yourself to others, be clear you are NOT in need of that which you desire to give away at the expense of losing a little more of you. At this point those who knew you when you gave others at the expense of you are now mad at your new found self actualization, and guess what you OWE NO MAN (Woman) ANYTHING, but TO LOVE THEM. At this pivotal stage, you are NO LONGER EMPTY nor in need because if you are, you aren’t respecting the PROCESS, but causing a BLOCKAGE (because you keep putting you last and expecting to be first, which is a form of insanity), thus out of alignment with the Universal Laws, your GIFTS, the BALANCE of LIFE itself thereby making life, living and designing your future harder to build, manage and live within.

We all have been called for something great, but if we continually cast our precious pearls amongst swine while disrespecting The Process to Become Who You Already Are then you will forever be in need, seeking handouts, help, restoration, and the crumbs from others who could care less about you, your cause, movement or outlook on becoming. Needless to say that last sentence would be a tragedy in the making if we refuse to value ourselves, and allow others to continually abuse us by making us feel guilt while wasting our lives debating with them on why you’ve changed as if you worked diligently to remain the same your entire life. CHANGE IS GOOD. CHANGE IS NEEDED. CHANGE IS A MUST. CHANGE IS WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND. IF FOLKS ARE MADE BECAUSE YOU HAVE CHANGED —> LEAVE THEM ALONE. LIFE, LIVING & LEGACY BUILDING IS ABOUT CHANGE & GROWTH, so continue to develop & strengthen you 1st.

It’s best while on your journey to Becoming Who You Already Are that you would first know thyself and to thine own self be true, thus begin to STIR UP THE GIFTS within, and allow God to make it do what it do in, through as well as around you without the guilt & shame of playing the back and fourth game with those who desire to steal, rape and rob you of your precious time, and throw a guilt trip on you for NOT continuing to cast your pearls amongst swine.

It is time to rewind your thoughts and remember the way it was when you thought of building your empire before allowing all sort of foolishness in your head, ears and atmosphere to block your growth. Begin to rebuild with that unshakable faith you have deep within and avoid all manner of sin (better written than done), and live the life you believe ONLY you can by stop believing that all you were made for was to put others before you. TAKE CARE OF YOU! It is NOT only time to live, and design an amazing legacy, but it is time to do so by carving out some time just for you to respect the process and give yourself permission to Become Who You Already Are. During the process of becoming, you may feel baffled, and hazing along the way — keep believing that you matter, your time is as precious as the next persons and DO NOT GIVE ALL OF IT AWAY —NO MATTER WHAT! You are NOT allowed to OFFER or GIVE ANYONE an EXCUSE on why you DECIDED TO STAY AWAY —> ONLY DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU!

REMEMBER YOU OWE NOBODY NOTHING (double negative on purpose), BUT TO LOVE THEM, so in that DO NOT OVERDO it as I have in the past. Learn to love others the way that they allow it, hence up close and personal or from a distant. Keep in mind, I NO LONGER TAKE THEIR DISTANT PERSONAL, so I WON’T EXPECT THEM TO TAKE MINE THAT WAY EITHER on this my  journey to #BecomeWhoIAlreadyAm.

There is NO LOVE LOST, but only GUARDING MY HEART since therein are the ISSUES OF LIFE. Refusing to give anyone the knife to cut away at me anymore, I’ve been patched up from deep within from all prior wounds both self induced, purposeful, out of hate, demonic, and by many nameless irrelevant others without warning most of the time. You all know who you are, so know I forgave you the moment you inflicted me with your hate, evil and wickedness, but sadly YOU CAN NOT BE TRUSTED ever again, but NO BITTERNESS simply letting you know I comprehend it all now, hence it will all be used for my good.

Truly NOW all the mess, stress, and foolishness was designed to be  The 1st Step to Respecting The Process to Become Who You Already Are, notwithstanding, I still have mad love to shower on others (ONLY reserved for those who are willing to accept it though), hence, I pour it into myself first in case (they) haven’t learned to do so yet, I am ensured to stay full of love, peace, joy with a renewed mind on this becoming path because freely I share it with me 1st and foremost.


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