Give Yourself Permission to Become Who You Already Are

On purpose, I ask you to Give Yourself Permission to Become Who You Already Are by first starting with:

  1. Knowing thyself
  2. Work on you by avoiding all the things that seeks to zap your oxygen, hence breath life into your stuff, things ideas and STOP CASTING YOUR PEARLS AMONGST SWINE!!!
  3. Avoiding Dogma, Toxic People, Places, Thinking, & Things,
  4. Rid the negative noise within your ears, and/or around you, hence replace it with inspiration
  5. Stop allowing others to dictate what you will become, do and what you can NOT do
  6. Remain out of your on way daily
  7. Be You Do NOT worry about what others are doing —> #BrandYOU


BECOME WHO YOU ALREADY ARE  Copyright by Daphne DwriteWELL Williams

BECOME WHO YOU ALREADY ARE ™ Copyright by Daphne DwriteWELL Williams

Here are tips to  implement it all once you have the above under wraps

  1. Start with mapping out a Strategic Plan of Action (perhaps this comes 1st or after #1) either way —> Write The Vision and Though it Tarry Wait for it
  2. Master your craft
  3. Find ways to get around the no’s and all the closed doors by formulating your own entry way
  4. Carve your own path —> for example if you have a desire to Write then become the Columnist on your own Blog and be consistent (NOTE TO SELF), make it stellar content and also share it by connecting as well as commenting on Blogs you want to collaborate with or get the attention of.
  5. Leverage the Internet —> The New Economy offers many ways to live, ignite, build a brand, and simply (well it isn’t simple, but rather takes effort) Become Who You Already Are if ONLY you would:

Trust the Process it will NOT be easy but rather WORTH it:

  1. Respect, appreciate and again Trust The Process
  2. Stick with it, and STOP giving up, hence Consistency is KEY
  3. Do what you love, and go from passions to profits with persistence
  4. Create with excellence in mind by teaching others ways to avoid what set you back in the past
  5. Study your craft –> Get the facts, stats, and raw data within your field of study
  6. Don’t worry about competition because it is actually a great thing for sales … Plus if you do what you do well, you won’t have much competition, and when people like you that is it they’ll do business with you and send you plenty of referrals, I know this from building an Online Business, hence we live in The Trust Economy where most of your clients will be strangers 
  7. Become the expert within your industry, hence as the leader you will build a huge following, which helps you monetize your gifts as they seamlessly make room for you.

Design the future you want by NEVER GIVING UP despite your lack of money, support, and/or team because the resources and access to FREE and Affordable Tools are endless, so instead keep striving, learning, growing, and becoming.

REMEMBER that what you seek and want also seeks & wants you too, so go live the life you want by creating an Authority Blog & Brand on your topic.

Comment below on the next steps that you plan to take to #BecomeWhoYouAlreadyAre, and go get that research done, so you can hone in on what it is you want from your journey in life, and then make that happen.

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