The Blueprint to Become Who You Already Are

The Blueprint to become who you already are takes living, overcoming, enduring, and maybe a few stumbling blocks, bumps along with twist in the road of your life where bruises and losses have been the normal to actually shifting your mindset into discovering  who you are, what you are made of, what you want from this your life journey, and how you plan to go about obtaining it all.

The title itself may be a little misleading, but I make no apologies for that or promises that you will actually find your Blueprint because I don’t know how relentless you are.  Of course within many books, motivational tapes, DVD’s, digital downloads there is always helpful information one can use to leverage life, but it is your free will to become or not, so if you don’t apply, implement and/or take massive action you will not find your Blueprint. We all have many decisions to make as to when we set aside time to #BecomeWhoWeWereCreatedToBe without hesitation, setbacks and/or challenges.

Remember on this Become Who You Already Are road you seek to be apart of will be no crystal stair in fact it may be a lonely ride, walk and in some cases a down low to the floor crawl as you take cover while fighting to get through all the mess to finally discover your message in the pain. Darts tend to fly at those who give themselves permission to soar during the struggle, hustle, grind, and/or during the restart.

Whatever your Become journey leads you be certain that you concentrate on being intentional during each phase therein while being of the highest integrity as you remain (or become) loyal to you first while respecting the process.

Let me go ahead and say this now —> STOP allowing the distractions to distract (I HAVE FINALLY MASTERED THIS ONE) you from living the life you say you want. Often you speak of what you will do by making commitments to yourself, family members and only to disappoint them as well as you. Today go ahead and forgive yourself for this destructive behavior. Stop making promises and make an oath to live your life the way you envision it. 

It is time to stop starting and simply finish strong. The race isn’t given to the one who finishes first, but actually to the one who endures to the end, so keep your head in the game, the bench is full and it is time you suit up with your armor, you’ve been equipped for all you’ve endure and will go through, but it is how you deal while in the midst of the storms of life. They’re all looking because they know that you’re the M.V.P (Most Valuable Player) because you are simply playing against yourself, so you CAN NOT LOSE, EVER!

REMEMBER you determine how high the benchmark is set and how far you are willing to stretch your thinking to align yourself with purpose.

Life is about becoming ...

“Life’s blue print is about Becoming Who You Already Are … Copyright Daphne’s hand resting on the word of God is what helps her (me) #BecomeWhoIAlreadyAm

If you are anything like I use to be -thank God for a real change in, around, and through me-, since it taught me to love who I am flaws, and all by forgiving myself without harboring hate or holding onto grudges. The Blueprint is never complete because you are forever evolving, growing, knowing and becoming. Enjoy each moment that life offers you by learning the value of the lessons within every experience or blessing —depending how you look it.

One leg at a time begin to grow up and put your BIG Girl Panties on (Boys put your BIG BOY Undies on too), and allow God, & the Universe to make it do what it do in, around, and through you without the struggle of staying stuck in third gear or within the valley when the summit is near.

The Blueprint is you, and individually it is me too. Everything we need is stuck within us. It is time to give birth to purpose along with promise by showing up present and ready to be persistent through what blocks you. Although we can often be our worst enemies which keeps us tied to our past thereby moving nowhere fast. Often living life wondering why we feel barren and some type of way with ONLY hopes and prayers of the ‘it gets better someday’.

Your someday is right now as you read this blog post, and many more to come. As I journey to live my best life yet, I desire to truly NOT only write about ways to Become, but to actually show you with results I pride myself in producing since I, Daphne D. Williams am ever evolving. Each day like you, I juggle on the balance beam of life, hence attempting to carry my own weight and although life happens and it seems unbearable with nobody to support your vision or to whisper purpose in your ears. We MUST master learning to speak a positive word into ourselves, especially on our weakest days, which makes it easy to show off excellence by leading others towards greatness as you join #TheBecomeMovement.

How do you join #TheBecomeMovement?

Well I’m happy that you asked.

You can join #TheBecomeMovement by committing to your purpose to do what God and the Universe has designed & will give you when you begin preventing anything from stopping you from #BecomingWhoYouKnowYouAreAndCanBecome.

Daphne D. Williams

Become Who You Already Are with The Become Movement Copyright Daphne D. Williams

There are many steps to Become Who You Already Are, but it begins with you knowing you, your worth, and that you are worthy of living the life you desire. Design your future by being The Blueprint you once sought. Start to welcome while nourishing your growth, and then remember like true beauty it starts from the inside out, but you MUST:

  • Figure out Who you are & Why do you exist?
  • ASK yourself: What do I love?
  • Why do you want to create this? and Why do you want to become that?
  • Be humble
  • Serve others (growing up I was teased because I thought it was a pleasure to serve others … I was told you are too nice, you are NOT a maid … I was called all sort of names to prevent me from #BecomingWhoIAlreadyAm because my caregivers didn’t fully comprehend my power, promises, presence  thereby they tried to prevent me from unwrapping the gift of me. Sadly they have never had or rather never knew that their Blueprint was capable of doing, so it rotted deep within.)
  • Know your S.W.O.T Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats, and then work on fixing whats broken or whats out of alignment.
  • Leave what works well alone.
  • DO NOT GET STUCK ON THE DOT; attempting to figure it all out —> Keep moving forward.
  • Teach from your pain, and show the lesson wrapped in ways to monetize your message oppose to having yet another pity party because clearly I am tired of those and my golly miss molly LOL, you should be too.
  •  “YOU HAVE NO MORE TIME TO WASTE”-as Oprah stated during her last show- nor should you desire to procrastinate any longer. It is truly time that you #BecomeTheAnswerYouSeek by either sharing your voice. Helping someone else find the courage to find the lyrics to their song. as you neatly wrap your words in electronic pages within writing an influential number one book on ways .in which you decide to #BeTheEquationAndTheSolution
  • The last shall be first, and the first shall be last, so with that said BELIEVE IN YOU FIRST & FOREMOST, and know that what you seek seeks to connect with you too. Rest assured in respecting the process. Allow the architect to build you back up. Make sure the foundation is strong where growth is the norm. #BecomeBetterNotBitter

Do you have an idea, you would like to share any concerns, questions, and/or thoughts on #BecomingWhoYouAlreadyAre if so simply Request a FREE 20 minute Consultation.

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