Your Dreams Are Valid


Upon accepting an Oscar Award on her first Feature Film; Actress Lupita Nyong’o, confidently encouraged the audience with four (4) powerful words: “YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID.” As you may have gathered this isn’t a celebrity blog, but it is a place where encouragement is shared from all walks of life and part of Lupita Nyong’o’s acceptance speech (as she paid homage to the slaves she portrayed) with this one sentence truly stood out to me No Matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.”

Lupita Nyongo "Your Dreams Are Valid"

Your Dreams Are Valid Copyright


I’d take it a step further and say YOU MATTER while saying IT IS TIME TO BECOME WHO YOU ALREADY ARE by giving yourself permission to validate YOU in the process of becoming. Like Actress Lupita Nyong’o both your dreams and mine indeed are valid. Despite the hand you’ve been dealt, I will encourage you-in the present storm I find myself in either because of the lack of a decision or making the wrong ones along the way, I have surrendered to purpose, forgive myself, and pick up my dreams despite how heavy or far away they seem because they do matter so much more than ever before- you to live the life you dream about.

Your passion will act as a guide to Become Who You Already Are, but you must not attempt to adjust its very navigational system, but trust the process. Stop reflect about what didn’t happen, what should of happened along with all the what if’s. Time is manmade. Rest on the promises that you were created to create and design something amazing, so let life, the universe, and your legacy fully comprehend that we SHALL become one thereby achieving it all, thereby obtaining the promises, hence fulfill destiny because OUR DREAMS ARE VALID.

(You do realize a lot of these words written here are for ME 1st #ijs … I don’t always know why, but I simply write them)

The need to live the legacy you’ve avoided for so many years is ever present now more so than ever before and for a variety of reasons in this our now seasons. Rest in knowing that what you want wants you too. Stop chasing other peoples programs, projects, and problems and discover how to turn your problems & passions into programs that equal sustainable profits. Challenge you. Go ahead dare yourself to give your dreams another lifeline even if it feels as if you are hanging on to your last one. Go ahead and push through the pain of it all; both literally and figuratively. Stay, remain and get out of your own way as you design your future because nobody else can nor will do that for you.

When you think of living a good successful life perhaps you have thought of that fourth (4th) grade essay you wrote that received gold stars. Maybe you felt some sort of validation for the stars adorning your paper, and felt an overwhelming sense of purpose, pride & promise deep within. It is time to release that which you feel and give yourself a hall pass to move forward in gathering your thoughts, and piecing the puzzle of your life back together. Perhaps we are always chasing that gold star that lives within each of our memories as you are waiting to shine bright like the diamonds we were created to be.

Maybe you have never been encouraged to dream and/or never received a golden star well then it is time you give yourself a star, a pat on the back so to speak, so you can be happy by living your dreams.


Gently, I nudge you to give yourself permission to simply know that your dreams matter, so begin to breathe life into them. Find a way. Make a way. Become the way.

It is so imperative to stop putting everything before you and your dreams, trust I know.

Avoid all distractions on this stretch of your journey, hence you will find this to be the appointed as well as strategic time in which you MUST set aside for you and your God to give birth to ALL your dreams, and stop playing hide and seek with them.

As simple as that reads is as simple as it will be-yeah right-to avoid life’s ups and downs while seeking your dreams.

Nothing worth having will be as simple as that reads, but can be if we quit preventing the process.

Be certain while reaching for that star (within), like Lupita Nyong’o (Yale School of Drama Alumni) study and master your craft with the best in the game.

You may be like me in that you have dreamed a little dream along with a few big ones too as you’ve attempted to help all who asked while encouraging others along the way to obtain theirs as you constantly put yours on the back burner. STOP WATCHING YOUR DREAMS SLIP AWAY. Well it is okay to influence others, but NEVER at your own expense of denying you, and/or your dreams. At some point you myloves should grow tired of pouring so much out and never being restored, so with that said, it’s time to show up ready to live your best life yet despite if you don’t see the results immediately. Keep going. Keep activating your dreams because they will all become yours.


If one of your dreams is to write well or get published, then go ahead research the process, and publish your voice, so you can be heard. Your voice is valid and it matters too. Start a Top Notch, & Stellar Blog that commands respect, the right attention, and a lot of mentions in Google, O, The Oprah Magazine, Black Enterprise, Essence Magazine, Forbes, Secrets to Success, Blogging EZines, & Mashable that sets the standards for Authority Blogs (Bloggers, & Amazing Content Creators) as this one will do in many areas such as Personal Development, Mindset Shift, Legacy Building, Living, Starting all over, and Becoming Who You Already Are. One of my affirmations to achieve this and many other goals is to simply claim it, commit to it while making it happen.

The only thing that can be said at this point is through the tears, fears, and silent cheers- they do watch you but don’t support because believe it or not your dreams through each one of your storms, struggles, failures, misses, slips, and falls intimidates some while scaring the crap out of many because you remind them exactly what they aren’t or will never become since they gave up before starting- keep trying, becoming, and reinventing yourself. Continue to be that source of encouragement you are for self first and others second while ensuring you teach on the road to becoming.

On this our journey there will be many to thank if we take every experience as a learning lesson thereby applying the life lesson as a set up oppose to a setback where growth is encouraged. Within these invaluable lessons are the cornerstones of hope, triumph, faith, tenacity and a sense of knowing ourselves where we are careful not to compare ourselves or our experiences to anyone else. Notwithstanding, we all have similarities, but your (my) journey is mine and if your (my) lessons aren’t learned consistently you (I) will repeat the test or altogether continue to fail the examinations. Needless to say on this part of the journey where the fork in the road is as baffling as some of the situations that chose me, so again living in the now moments to get to purpose is the ultimate goal not having all the answers, but rather seeking to become the solution.

Remember your dreams (and the process of achieving them) may seem strange to most, far-fetched to many, hard to reach, IMpossible, difficult, frustrating, annoying, and disappointing when you listen to the negative (from others and self talk), and doubt in the rejections of not now, maybe later, you weren’t what we were looking for or the plain and simple NO. In life, we all have many decisions to make, so be careful because you will certainly have to live with them all, but you can change your mind when life calls for it, so rest assured in knowing that.

Again, your dreams are valid, you matter and this is your time. No worries. Begin to get better. Master your craft. Stop allowing others to distract you from what is important as you aim to achieve your goals. Become More. Become Who You Already Are. Prove them all wrong. Make them eat their words like scrambled eggs while paying you back (financially speaking) with the validation of being you.


Keep in mind that your thoughts will make your world, so ALWAYS be mindful of what you share, the intentions around it, who you allow in your ear, how you give of yourself and to whom while being ever so careful to ALWAYS give unto yourself first.

Honestly learning to give to me took a mighty long time, but I am happy I figured that one out, and it is panning out to be my greatest invest. The validation of knowing self transitions you into becoming like nothing else, and is widely overlooked. Focused in this stage is essential.


Lupita Nyong’o journey to basking in all her Golden Awards this year has been no crystal stair as her words encourage many on her journey to learning to get over the self hate, and the feeling of unworthiness because of her skin tone. Life, time, and confidence has a way of turning it all around, and now she’s gracing the cover of every Blog (well at least this one), Magazines, and Girls Article on Confidence and the importance of Self-love.

How ironic, you might say, but life has a way of turning itself upside down and you inside out, so you can discover your true purpose. In 12 Years A Slave, the based on real life Film that won her The Academy Award (Oscar), she speaks of the strength of the person she portrays: “It doesn’t escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is thanks to so much pain in someone else’s, and so I want to salute the spirit of Patsey, for her guidance.” We all have something to bear on the road to our golden moments, so practice, and then show up ready.


On becoming there will be many who attempt to speak death over our dreams, and very life, but it is detrimental to reject anything that doesn’t validate our potential for greatness thus pushing us closer to our dreams. Rejection can teach you many lessons if you don’t internalize them, but rather rationalize them and pull out the criticism as you begin to turn it around for your good, thereby utilizing it for a teachable moment for showing someone else a way out when they feel trapped within the dogma of it all. Encouraging you (influential self talk) to live your best life yet because your dreams are valid thereby knowing that you matter and deserve to be happy, so go now, and Become Who You Already Are.

A BIG THANK YOU, and CONGRATS to Lupita Amondi Nyong’o for simply reminding us that (Y)OUR DREAMS ARE VALID.

Lupita Nyong’o wins her 1st Academy Award; wearing a flawless Prada Flowing -befitting- Powdered Blue Gown.

New Comer, Lupita Nyong'o Wins her 1st Oscar

Lupita Nyong’o Wins her 1st Academy Award (Oscar Award) wearing a flawless Prada Flowing-befitting- Powdered Blue Gown Copyright

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