Be More Than Enough

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Be More than enough when nobody is looking. Be more than enough to love on you before you pour all your energy into others.

Be Grateful for all the small victories. Be well informed to make the next move even when you have been prohibited. Be a believer in you enough to be your very own cheerleader, hence never looking outside of yourself to become. Be thankful enough to be humble.

Be more than enough to display class when everybody is showing off their assets. Be more than enough to be the first to forgive when it feels uncomfortable.

Be the apple of your own eye. Be the wish on the star that you are. Be in love with you, your vision, your dreams, your passions, but be kindred enough to be interested in others dreams and accomplishments too.

Be the hands that adjust your own frown while preparing to win in the game of life sculpting your purposeful crown for your kingdom is at hand. Be the hand that designs the cradle. Be enough that you create solutions and not a bunch of excuses. Be selfless enough to sow good seeds from the heart as you look for nothing in return for then your reward cometh. Be courageous enough to leverage you, your life, your now moments, your network, your strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Be gifted enough to get out of your own way. Be passionate enough to master your craft. Be more than enough to walk the walk as much as you talk it.

Be more than enough to be tough in the rough seasons of life thereby telling yourself that you are good enough to begin again. Be smart enough to know that every restart isn’t a failure, but simply that — a restart. Be forgiving enough to forgive you and others never holding onto grudges for that eat at the core of the real you. Be transparent enough to NEVER wear another mask. Be luminous enough to let you little light shine bright in the midst of the darkest hour. Be observant enough to learn the lessons, so you not resembling the before oppose to celebrating the after, hence avoid repeating the tests.

Be bold to live your life on purpose. Be confident enough to go it alone if you must. Be enough to bootstrap your business or apply for that position you have always dreamed of notwithstanding be wise enough to be ready for what it entails. Be loving enough to give yourself some quiet space to ignite the more within.

Be honest to say you messed up. Be beautiful enough to know when you are ugly (your ways), and need to detoxify your toxic ways. Be thoughtful enough to be thoughtful because it was never all about you, but the entire group, family, and relationship. Be more than enough to know when to go. Be deliberate enough to mean NO when it is said, and YES when you’re at your best. Be devoted enough to STOP putting everybody before you. Be dedicated enough to build, and brand you first before offering it as advice or service that nobody seems to respect or acknowledge — third party validation will set you apart, so keep working on you — it will come, trust me, I know. 😉

Be organized enough to complete what you have started, thus take massive action, implement, launch, and leverage the #BrandOfYou. Be enough where you NEVER have to plead and beg others for friendships, relationships, and/or business REMEMBER the right ones will come, stay and refer others in all areas mentioned above. Be more than enough to know when “IT” is over, thus STOP allowing it to linger on causing you more agony thereby stealing your time. Be more than enough to know that you are worth more than the words they used against you or those that you spoke to the man in the mirror.

Be strategic enough not to be impulsive. Be more than enough to be compassionate to those who have less than you. Be creative enough to not get stuck on the dot. Be delivered enough not to judge others, especially those who have more than you physically, but fail to see the bigger picture of being grateful for it all — REMEMBER it is NOT wise to put your mouth again the wealthy, especially if you desire to get there. Be loving enough to forgive you first and others too. Be committed enough to know when enough is enough. Be powerful enough to know when to have a seat and enjoy your own company.

Today, gently, I lovingly push you mylove to go, be more than enough for this stretch of your journey, and know you are more than worth the nudge. REMEMBER: Be humble enough to admit when you’ve jumped the gun or bit off more than you could chew or digest. Be wise enough to know when the bone carrying isn’t a trusted source, and you need to STOP offering your ear as a garbage disposal.

Be resourceful enough to make “IT” happen. Be prayerful enough to know when you need a long winded or a one word Prayer. Be anointed enough to know the difference between the presence of divine order and foolish draining chaos. Be brilliant enough to use what you’ve been given to get where you say it is you belong.

Be silent enough to know when to speak. Be happy enough to smile through the agony. Be you enough to give yourself permission to #BecomeWhoYouAlreadyAre.

You, YEAH YOU —> Go Be More Than Enough!

How are you being enough to you?

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How to Become Who You Already Are by being more than enough if for nobody else but you (the most important person reading this).



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